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I know what you’re thinking.

Here we go, another Mom with a Blog. And I guess you’re right. I am a mom and this is a blog, but it’s a little different than other blogs I’ve seen. (And believe me, I’ve looked!)

Perhaps you’re here because you know me, and you’re being nice (or curious). That’s great. I thank you and welcome you. I need all the friends I can get.

Perhaps you’re here because you googled something else and this accidentally came up. That’s great. As they say, there are no accidents. I hope you take some time and read this post, and come back again.

Perhaps you’re here because you saw the name, Moms in Transition, and it caught your eye. It made you pause. That’s great. I know there are a lot of us out there.

Us? Yes, us. Moms in Transition.¬†Our kids are older or grown or out of the house completely, and we suddenly have the time we always wished for when we were changing diapers or driving carpool or typing papers. But now that we have the time, we don’t know what it is we should be doing.

Careful what you wish for!

BC (before children) I was an editor for a trade magazine. I always knew I wanted to write. Then, like many women, I got caught up in children, Gymboree and play dates, and my dream drifted away. I happily (well, most of the time) became a full-time, PTO-certified, van-driving mom.

Then suddenly, my babies grew up. (Who knew that time really does fly?) They didn’t need me 24/7. Oh, I was still called on to do laundry, find school books, feed them and listen, but I found hours of free time just begging to be filled.

And fill it I did. You name it, I have chaired it, worked on it, organized it or volunteered for it. I am, as my husband lovingly refers to as, a Professional Volunteer.

My ultimate goal: find out what it is I want to be when I grow up.

And I realized, it’s not easy.

I searched on line for other moms in my position, but found most Blogs revolved around young moms with children, crafty moms, gourmet-chef moms, moms who homeschool their children or moms who did all of the above. (And if you’re looking on this blog for one of those moms, I’m sorry to say you won’t find her here.)

My goal with Moms in Transition (MIT) is to create a community of moms who are past the play-date stage and looking forward to the next stage – if only we knew what it was. We’ve spent years taking care of others, and now it’s our time to take care of ourselves. We are searching.

I welcome those moms who are in the same boat: struggling to find their new role in life. Let me know what you are doing to find your niche.

I welcome those moms who have already figured it out. Please, share your story.

It’s our turn! Now what?

Let’s find out together.

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